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"He who wished to secure the good of others, has already secured his own. " -Confucious
Donate, even if its a dollar it will come back 10 fold. I have made it my life's mission to give back all that I can to whatever charity I can. I am privillaged to live as well as I do, and the least I can do is contribute to increase the quality of others lives as I do my own. Everyday give, and everyday you shall recieve.

"Why does the National Breast Cancer Foundation need my support?

It is with the generous support of contributors like you, making both small and large gifts, that we are able to create designated programs for your communities. Most cancer organizations use their funds for research, but the National Breast Cancer Foundation dedicates most of its funds to saving lives through early detection.

Many women in America cannot afford mammograms. If you had to choose between feeding your children and having a mammogram, which would you choose? Like you, my first priority would also be to care for my family. Battered and homeless shelters are filled with women who are desperate for help. If you have no money, you have no money, especially for insurance. More"

Mercy Crops, be the change, a beautiful non-profit company helping feed hunderds of thousands of people. You do not need to give money, you can give time, you can affliate with the company. Do something to give back .
"You give children the will to push forward. You give them something to look forward to and cherish. I don't think there is anything greater for a child who suffers for life and fights to live."
Darlene, wish mom
"We fight for children in the UK and around the world who suffer from poverty, disease, injustice and violence, working with them to find lifelong answers to the problems they face. "