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Welcome my name is Kambiz Sayari. I am a former network and communications manager, and currently a professional investment and sales director. My passion for financial education lead me to a career as a professional investor. I was raised in Torrance, CA and I currently work here as well. The beauty of investing throughout the former years has allowed me to travel, from the east coast to the Midwest. In the beginning, I was drawn to the technical aspects of network and communications management. With a love for problem solving I excelled well in the field of technology. As my desire for helping people grew I progressed to a career as a sales manager. I grew to learn about inventory management, prospecting, qualifying, and closing transactions daily. My desire to move on to create a better income, and a fresh outlook on where I wanted to be in the professional world aided me in a career as a project manager. This is where the core of time and financial management development began for me. Throughout this time I grew not only professionally, but spent a great deal of time developing myself as an individual. During my free time I began to learn about investing, and ultimately found a new world in equities, commodities, and currency investing. I continuously strive for myself as an individual to have personal and professional growth. I am absolutely committed to a life time in the financial markets. With strong backgrounds in multiple fields I am looking to erect and excel in the arena of finance.

I hope you enjoy the additional content on my website. I look forward to personally answering any questions you may come across on my website.
Thank you for providing me with the opportunity to present my career portfolio to you online. My primary aim in any company I work for is to increase the efficiency and effectiveness through my involvement experiences, vast skills, and contribution to a better work atmosphere.

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